Law Firm in Malaysia

At Ramesh & Loo we believe that it is the people who make up our team that are our firm's greatest asset. We have adopted a conscious and deliberate approach to the building of our team. This approach focuses on not only finding people with the right amount of expertise and professionalism, but also a commonality of approach and shared values. It is the combination of our expertise and our shared vision that allows us to secure the best result for all of our clients.

Our people are hard-working, self motivated and aim to deliver the best results in the shortest time possible. Of most importance however, is the fact that at Ramesh & Loo we embody a genuine concern for our clients' welfare and strive to attain the best outcomes for our clients at all times.

Ramesh Sivakumar Ramaveloo LLB (Hons) CLP (Malaya)

Mr. Ramesh Sivakumar R Ramaveloo has been in practice for more than 20 years and had undertaken a broad spectrum of litigation cases in both civil and criminal law in the Subordinate Courts, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Malaysia. Ramesh Sivakumar R Ramaveloo has appeared as counsel in both trial work and at appellate hearings. He advises and acts for many corporate and individual clients in many areas of the law including matters on Contract Law; Construction Law; Land Law; Administrative and Constitutional Law; Bankruptcy and Insolvency; Civil and Commercial Litigation; Corporate and Commercial Law; Criminal Law; Defamation; Employment Law; Family Law; Immigration Matters; Insurance (accident matters) ; Law of Tort; Landlord and Tenant Law; Medical Law; Claims for Personal Injuries and Workmen's Compensation and Property Law.

Mr. Ramesh Sivakumar R Ramaveloo also has a broad-based criminal practice and has experience acting as defense counsel in cases involving the full gamut of white-collar, technical as well as violent crime offences. These include Penal Code offences (such as murder, manslaughter, cheating, causing hurt and outraging of modesty); road traffic, medical or industrial accident cases involving complex technical issues of accident reconstruction and contest of expert engineering, medical or psychiatric opinions; Factories Act offences; Computer Misuse Act offences; illegal money lending; harboring and employment of immigration offenders and foreign workers; money laundering; drug consumption and trafficking; corruption; firearms offences; murder; bank robbery; Companies Act offences; departmental summonses; and corporate fraud cases. Ramesh Sivakumar R Ramaveloo advises and acts for, as well as against, private individuals, commercial enterprises, government-linked companies, and statutory boards. He has handled numerous cases before the Subordinate Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Malaysia.

Loo Kean Siew LLB ( Hons ) CLP ( Malaya )

Loo Kean Siew has been in practice for more than 10 years mainly in various aspects of conveyancing and property transactions. He has an extensive commercial, corporate and conveyancing practise in an outside of Malaysia with particular expertise in the sale, purchase and financing of real property, leases, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and various forms of commercial agreements. He has acted for purchasers, vendors and developers in the sale and purchase of residential, commercial and industrial projects. Besides he has also acted for and advised developers, insurers, main contractors, subcontractors, architects, consultants, management corporations, subsidiary proprietors, and owners and suppliers in disputes involving construction contracts. He also provides opinions, drafts and reviews contracts for, among others, developers, consultants, main contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.

Loo Kean Siew also provides opinion on investigating issues under the relevant foreign laws relating to corporate capacity, contractual rights, land ownership or other property rights, creation of security, tax and other relevant matters. He also advices on Inter-jurisdictional financing and security transactions, project financing for development of commercial complexes, residential estates, highways, heavy and light industrial developments, commercial acquisitions and corporate takeovers in the Pan-Asian region.

Goik Kenzu. LLB (Hons) London, CLP (Malaya)

Mr. Goik Kenzu is a practicing lawyer of 21 years standing. He is now the senior partner in the firm.

Mr Goik read law at University of London from 1987 to 1990 where he qualified for the Degree of Bachelors of Law (L.L.B) with Honours. Mr. Goik also specializes in civil litigation and merger and acquisitions of companies in Malaysia and had successfully advice and undertook numerous acquisition works of a few listed companies for example Binasat Communications Berhad, Gunung Capital Berhad and other numerous listed companies.

He litigates mainly for cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court cases involves in numerous landmark cases reported in Malaysian Law Journal.

Area of specializations :
General Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Retail Banking, Commercial and Corporate Loan, Due Diligence Listing, Merger and Acquisition.

Mr Goik Kenzu is involved in General Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Insurance (accident matters), Retail Banking, Medical Negligent, Commercial and Corporate Loan, Listing, Merger and Acquisition.

Raymond Charles B.Juris (Hons) CLP (Malaya) B.Econs (Hons)

Raymond Charles David holds double degree both in Economics and Law. He has wide experience in litigation where he handles a wide spectrum of disputes, from commercial disputes to matrimonial cases and criminal defence cases. Raymond Charles David has acted for numerous clients in various civil and criminal matters before the Subordinate Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Malaysia.

Raymond Charles David has over the years acted for both public listed and private limited companies in claims which include shareholder and partnership disputes, sale of goods, property disputes, medical negligence intellectual property (trade mark and copyright) infringements and sale and purchase of companies. He has acted for liquidators of companies in both contentious and non-contentious matters. He has advised and acted for Management Corporations in claims against subsidiary proprietors. He has also acted for several sub-contractors and main contractors in claims relating to various aspects of building construction which includes interior renovation and structural and supply claims.

Goik Kenzin LLB (Hons) Lincoln’s Inn

Mr Goik Kenzin is a practicing solicitor of 20 years standing. Mr Goik Kenzin is exposed to a wide variety of litigation work, particularly in the areas of commercial, corporate, banking litigation, insurance as well as land related disputes.

Mr Goik Kenzin successfully litigated numerous high profile civil cases at Supreme and Federal Court. In his 16 years as litigation solicitor, Mr Goik Kenzin has had the distinction of appearing and advocates before the Lord President of Supreme Court (as it then was) and The Chief Justice of Federal Court to argue complex cases. He has also been actively involved in arbitration and construction disputes cases. Mr Goik Kenzu has been engaged as a Legal Advisor by numerous international and public listed companies. Despite his hectic work schedule, Mr Goik Kenzin has voluntarily represented clients on criminal charges involving drug trafficking on pro bono basis.

Casey Goik LLB (Hons) CLP (Malaya) MBA (Carnegie Mellon)

Mr Casey Goik is involved in General Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Insurance (accident matters), Retail Banking, Medical Negligent, Commercial and Corporate Loan, Listing, Merger and Acquisition.

Mohd Nor Md Deros LLB (Hons) UIA

Mr Mohd Nor Bin Md Deros is involved in Civil Litigation, Hire Purchase, Foreclosure, Credit Card, Bankruptcy, Insurance and Debt Collections.

Nurol Afiqah Abdul Latif LLB (Hons) UIA

Ms Nurol Afiqah Binti Abdul Latif is involved in Litigation - Insurance (running down matters), contractual disputes, Probate and Administration, Criminal Law, Medical Negligent, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Debt Collections.

Yohini Nair LLB (Hons) London CLP (Malaya)

Ms Yohini Nair is involved primarily in litigation practice where she handles land dispute matters, Insurance (running down matters), contractual disputes, Probate and Administration, Listing, Merger and Acquisition.

Amaresh Sivakumar B.Juris (Hons) CLP (Malaya) B.IT (Hons)

Mr Amaresh Sivakumar is primarily involved in Litigation – Insurance Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, General Civil Litigation, Merger & Acquisation, Corporate Law and other related commercial matters.